About us

SFB AG has recently become a subsidiary of e. Luterbach AG based in Hildisrieden near Lucerne. While the SFB AG has created a name as a provider of innovative specialist of painting systems in European market, the e.Luterbach AG became a leading supplier of classical painting system in Switzerland.


The SFB AG has always been excellent by innovative solutions in painting systems. As first supplier in Europe, SFB installed a powder coating plant, with which sheet metals are coated and cured on flat conveyors and after the coating process shaped (post forming process).


In the last years, SFB was concentrated in powder coating equipment for small parts and large quantities. Today over 1 billion small parts each year will be powder coated on all sides without any hangers. This could be accomplished only by very special transport, coating and curing technique. Even today this process is unique worldwide.


The two companies complement each other perfectly in terms of markets and products. The SFB AG will concentrate even more on innovative solutions in coatings and e. Luterbacher AG will become a leading manufacturer of traditional coating systems in Europe.


Innovation in coating process !