Integration of the coating process into the production process

Todays coating process is mostly be done in areas or rooms which are separated from the production process like manufacture or assembly. Mostly the parts will be transported in boxes to the feeding area of the coating line. The parts will be loaded and unloaded manually. Of course, this is cost-intensive.


It has not to be like this in every case. But how can this process be an excellent value for money?


SFB developed many different conveyor systems, which can also be combined. Target is always to integrate the entire coating process into the production process. Depending on the application, the different conveyor systems can be combined as follow:


  • Belt- conveyor systems without border for small or flat parts
  • Rolls, wires, belts with border for bigger sheets
  • Spindle- conveyor systems for axial rotated parts
  • Border chain conveyor systems for elongated parts


With those conveyor technologys, the biggest value of money can be bailed.


The new transport technics allow not only the automatization of loading and unloading, also the transfer of parts from coating to the curing zone. Conveyor systems for coating booth and curing oven are separated. Excessive powder on the parts will be recovered. There are no hooks, so the paint has not to be stripped from any part.