Optimization of the coat process

Of course, the coating process can be optimized in the application of powder, as well as in powder recovery and in the curing process.

On classic powder coating systems, the cross section of the parts will be defined by the biggest part. Small and big workpieces are operated with the same adjustments of the system. Overspray will be recovered anyway… so it doesn’t matter. That’s the most heard argument. In a lot of cases, overcoating is the result.


In the coating systems of SFB, mostly small or flat parts will be coated. In the curing process, electric IR-emitters will be predestined operated. These are adjustable in a wide temperature range, easy and safe. For more complicated parts, induction can be applied. Then only the part and not the surrounding will be heated up.


Our conveyor technique allows to use the whole size of the room in height and in its base area.


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