About Us



We are a global acting company, as an expert for innovative coating processes. We engineer, produce, install and commissioning complex and unique machines as turnkey solutions.

With the innovative solution to coat small parts (about Ø10mm) without hangers on all sides, SFB has grown a worldwide well known company. This solution includes special developed conveying, coating, and curing techniques. Even today, this technology is unique - worldwide.

Many fully automatic coating processes in any imaginable market sector all over the globe have been successfully implemented.

Since 2009, SFB AG has bees a subsidiary of e. Luterbach AG, the Swiss market leader in the manufacturing of classic coating systems and implementer of aerospace applications.


Market Overview

We are active in many industries and sectors: Automotive, Aerospace, Aviation, Electronics, Railway, Medical, Defense, Industrial and Construction.


Offset Partner

Your company is looking for an offset business with Switzerland or any other country?
We may have opportunities to help you to reduce your offset obligation with a direct or indirect project. We have the experience of international offset projects with global players as contractors. Almost every industrial project has a need of coating.


  • Reduction of unfulfilled offset obligations
  • Physical machines or know-how transfer
  • Concept to your needs
  • Globally acting
  • According to the newest standards
  • Multimillion investments possible
  • Experienced project management


Sales and Service Network


With its growing global sales and service network, SFB is able to proceed inquiries in regions all over the world effective and fast.



and many more...


Thomas Felder

CEO / Co-owner / Member of the board

Jost Ettlin

President of the board / Co-owner e. Luterbach AG

Peter Walker

Member of the board / Co-owner e. Luterbach AG

Fabian Luccarini

Co-owner e. Luterbach AG