Horizontal coating of small parts in huge quantities

Horizontal Powder Coating Lines

The horizontal powder coating line is a unique system to coat usually small parts on all sides moving on a flat conveyor. The innovative conveyor and suction system allows to recycle the powder and don’t waste any powder on racks or hangers.

Parts with a minimum size of Ø8mm can be transferred.

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EV Coating

Powder Coating Lines for Electric Vehicle EV Components

Many components of electric vehicles EV require a corresponding dielectric strength to avoid dielectric breakdown.
Powder coating can achieve this property with an appropriate functional coating.
SFB AG has developed innovative horizontal powder coating systems that reliably coat components in the battery or motor area in high cycle times.

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Electric insulation on complex parts with a defined level of dipping

Fluized Bed Coating Lines / Hot Coating

This powder coating method does not use electrostatic. With its technique of dipping hot parts in fluidized powder, a thick layered coating for complex 3-dimensional parts is possible.

With our unique fluidized bed technique, an even and controlled powder level can be reached to get defined level of coatings on the parts.

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Fully automatic, production integrated for High-End applications

Automated and Integrated Coating Lines

We implement fully automated coating machines in production lines for high end products. The in line work flow guarantees an ultimate process safety and quality assurance.

Data logging and documentation for the automotive or aviation industries can be combined with an interface to the ERP Database if required.

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Center of Excellence

Consulting and Engineering

Coating projects are getting more and more complex. With production integrating, workflow consideration and much more.

SFB is setting up an Engineering Center of Excellence with the customer. We develop together according the customers needs a coating line which matches the requirement.

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If required fully automized with robots and overhead conveyor technology

Traditional Coating Systems
Powder Coating Systems

Classic powder coating lines, mostly with overhead conveyors are the most used lines for this kind of process. It is a standard technique and can be applicated to most of industrial parts.

The lines are usually provided with an overhead conveyor such as power and free systems.

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High End Systems for High End Products, incl. overhead conveyor technology

Traditional Coating Systems
Liquid Coating Systems

The liquid coating lines are still operated in many industries such as aerospace or automotive industries where heat can occur defects or deforming.

They are built according the newest standards and industry specs such as aerospace standards.

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