Fluized Bed Coating Line / Hot Coating

P+F conveyors are typically used in such systems. The workpieces are preheated in the oven. After the parts are heated up, they will be conveyed with high speed into the powder booth. After coating they will be conveyed into the curing oven. By hot coating with epoxy / polyester powder, the workpieces will be preheated up to nearly 300 °C, occurs at high temperature powder even up to 400 °C. Curing will be at 220, respectively. 380 °C. In normal case, this process reaches layer thicknesses of 200 - 400 microns. 

  • Preheating up to 400 °C. Oven with asymmetric rotary carousel.
  • Hot coating on pulsing overhead chain conveyor.
  • Curing up to 400 °C. Oven with pulsing rotary carousel.

including translator (Chain Conveyor - rotary carousel - chain conveyor) 

Classical P+F-conveyors will be overwhelmed in terms of temperature. The result is a tremendous abrasion on the conveyor system. Normally, a P+F-conveyor cannot be operated above 250 °C. 

Here is the SFB AG going new ways. We designed a solution, where the parts will be translated from a chain conveyor to a high temperature rotating carousel conveyor. There are no temperature-sensitive tranport technology in the oven and there is no slot in the top of the ofen. These technique allows pre-heating and curing of workpieces up to 400 °C. Mineral insulation will be used in the kilns.


Complex parts who need to be insulated such as
  • Starter Coils
  • e-motors
  • Hairpins
  • and many other 3 dimensional complex parts


  • Very complex 3D parts
  • Constant powder level +/- 5mm precise
  • Constant layer thickness (quality)
  • Environmentally friendly (no solvent)
  • High wear resistance
  • High degree of isolation
  • High corrosion resistance