Powder Coating Systems

The electrostatic powder coating is a very modern, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient method of processing and protection of metal surfaces. This type of coating is characterized by a clear concept and easy handling.

After completion of treatment (for example, degreasing and phosphating) the material will be coated by spraying on an electrode in the gun which is positively charged with high voltage. Around the grounded workpiece, an electric field is built up. The negatively charged powder coating particles are attracted to the positive field of the surface, are deposited at the same time and remain there until they are cured at the subsequent curing process at about 200-220 °C.

The entire process can be operated automated or manually by means of highly computerized robots.

With the powder coating process, a higher film thickness is resulting, leading to a large resistance of mechanical stress.

The applications and product range of powder coating is rising, since the powder coating is an environmentally friendly alternative to wet painting and a very good corrosion protection.

Wide range of metal parts from all industries


  • Absolutely free of solvents
  • 100% material utilization in circulation operation
  • No harmful waste of products in curing process
  • Easy to automate
  • Easy to clean
  • High impact, scratch and weather resistance
  • Manual to fully automated handling

Due to the advantages mentioned, the process is experiencing steady and strong growth, regardless of the different industries.

Modern powder coating is also attractive for companies with frequent color changes, in order to be able to realize high flexibility and efficient operation. The construction of powder circuits and booths is reserved for specialists. e. Luterbach AG, our parent company, is responsible for the best overall solution.

The difference is not in the detail - it is in the whole.